Mission Statement

Pappas Wealth Management specializes in planning and investments that are capable of generating multiple streams of income that our clients require now or in the future. We believe that a guaranteed* income stream is the key to a successful retirement. We also believe that no single investment product can provide all of the features required to accomplish those needs. Income should always be the primary focus, but growth is still necessary due to the extended length of today’s retirements. We strive to provide a mix of guaranteed* safe investments such as Fixed Annuities, as well as market investments that we believe fall into the lower risk category.

The Egyptian Pyramids were built over 4,500 years ago, and although none of our retirements will last that long, the Pyramids demonstrate the longevity achievable by using proper construction techniques. We believe these techniques also apply to retirement portfolio design and management.

Pappas Wealth Management builds retirements based on a strong foundation of guaranteed* safe Fixed Annuity investments, resembling the base of a pyramid. Once a solid foundation is built, we may add additional levels to provide income later as well as growth opportunities. The greater the risk, the smaller the investment. The result is a solid retirement plan capable of standing the test of time.

* Insurance based product