Our Philosophy

The plan we have for our clients is simple: Live a long life, have fun, and spend all of your money! In the event that you do not spend every dime by the end, the plan we put together is designed to get your assets to the people that you love. And if you follow our advice, there may be no probate, no delay, and each beneficiary may be able to make their own tax-advantaged choices as to how they receive their inheritance.

Like the pyramids, having a solid foundation can help to create long lasting structures. Providing lifetime incomes using a combination of financial products is our blueprint. These Financial Products may include Fixed Annuities, which are guaranteed* and insured, as well as more traditional market investments such as Mutual Funds, ETF's, Stocks, or Bonds which are not insured or guaranteed* but may provide growth opportunities. Due to the length of today's retirements, creating growth opportunities is important. However, we believe that it is prudent to limit higher risk stock market investments to smaller percentages of a clients' portfolio, resembling the tip of your retirement pyramid. We also believe that the top of your pyramid should be planned, but not built, until there is solid secure foundation in place.

We will help you construct, or if necessary reconstruct, your retirement pyramid, diversify and limit your risk, and attempt to protect your assets from market volatility because, let's face it:

When the market takes another turn for the worse it might be just too difficult to earn back those big losses.

Create a stable financial future with Pappas Wealth Management.

* Insurance based product