Our Fee Structure


Transparency in Our Fees

At Pappas Wealth Management, we strive to be completely transparent in our fee structure and account minimums.  We believe it's the only way to start our fiduciary relationship with our clients.


Assets Under Management                                      Annual Fee

First $100,000-$150,000                                              1.35%             

Next $150,000-$4,000,000                                         1.00%

Next $4,000,000-$10,000,000                                   0.90%

Above $10,000,000                                                      0.80%


This standard fee schedule will apply to all accounts that are not negotiated as set forth in the advisory agreement. The minimum initial asset value for accounts is $100,000, which may be lowered if prospective clients are active accumulators who agree to contribute to an automatic investment program. Advisory fees are based upon a percentage of the assets under management and are paid pro-rata quarterly.  Fees will always be in writing and agreed to by client and advisor before services are provided.  You will always know how much you are paying in advisory fees and the cost of the investments in your portfolio.


Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

Financial Plans are complementary for clients with assets held at Pappas Wealth Management.  Pappas Wealth Management will provide financial planning services for clients that wish to manage their own investments for a flat fee of $2,200. This fee encompasses data collection and analysis, plan creation, recommendations, 2-3 meetings and an additional follow up meeting as desired within the 12 months post plan presentation. Clients retain the planning services of PWM with an initial fee of $500 at the time the financial planning agreement is signed. This fee is credited toward the final invoice. Payment for the final invoice is due upon receipt.

Financial Coaching Fees

$250 per hour