Our Services

Current Investment Review

  • Assist you in selecting investment options with your current IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or other retirement plans.
  • Determine which investments to use for income now and which to use for income later. 

New Case Design

  • Provide Customized Retirement Income Planning case design.
  • Determine future income needs, analyze your current investments ability to produce future income.
  • Recommend appropriate investments and strategies to accomplish lifetime income requirements.

Ongoing Professional Management Options

  • Focus on the growth and management of your portfolio.
  • Select either in-house and/or institutional managers.
  • Determine how much to save and where you should keep it, as well as how much to spend.
  • Monitor investment performance and risk on your investment portfolio.
  • Actively manage and re-balance your portfolio for reasonable growth while minimizing risk.
  • Provide regular newsletters and topical event information.
  • Provide regular scheduled reviews to keep your retirement plan on track.


  • Maximizing what you earn by minimizing what your owe.
  • Strategies to reduce or eliminate taxes, such as extate taxes, capital gain taxes, income taxes, gift taxes and income on tax deferred investments.
  • We do not offer tax advice so be sure to consult and coordinate your financial plan with your CPA/Tax professional.

Estate Planning

  • Provide guidance in organizing your financial affairs with your heirs.
  • Review and analyze your assets for proper ownership and beneficiaries designations.
  • Consult and coordinate your plan with your Attorney and/or CPA
  • Help to manage the financial impact of lifestyle changes likes death, divorce, disability, and health.